Plastics compounding is the process of blending polymeric materials with one or more of a wide range of additives to achieve specific characteristics and/or performance features. Development of a compound begins with a recipe of additives, fillers, modifiers, and reinforcing agents. The engineer’s scientific knowledge of the materials is extremely beneficial in creating the right formula to meet the desired specifications and requirements; however, the process is as much an art as it is a science.

Why would a company need to develop a custom compound? In many cases, new product developers find a material does not already exist that meets their needs for a new proprietary product. In other cases, polymer manufacturers are not willing to sell the material that’s needed; or they are unable to produce it. And sometimes, the level of performance of available compounds does not meet expectations. In these cases, the needed material must be created from scratch.

The Polymers Technology Center we help develop and produce polymeric material that cannot be found elsewhere. We start by creating a recipe and producing samples for pre-production trials. Once the material’s performance meets or exceeds the requirements and is acceptable, our team of engineers and technicians remain with the project throughout the process to ensure a high-quality, consistent product. At the Polymers Technology Center, we are confident that we can help engineer a custom compound for any application.