Without additives, such as fillers, plasticizers, pigments, flame retardants, and stabilizers, most plastics would be useless. Additives modify the polymers characteristics expanding their properties. This is what makes it possible to use plastics in new and innovative applications and why global demand will continue to rise for years to come.

Due to their reliability, light weight, and low cost, plastics are replacing materials such as wood or metal, more and more often, especially in the construction industry. The largest amounts of additives worldwide are used in the construction industry due to their ability to make materials that are efficient, environmentally-safe, and fire-resistant. One of the main uses of plastics in construction is in the thermal insulation of buildings.

The industry that utilizes the second largest amount of plastic additives is packaging, especially food packaging. Additives help make plastic packaging microwaveable, easy to handle and visually appealing, not to mention the products remain preserved for long periods of time. Additionally, the automotive and electronics industries are also high on the list of users of plastic additives.

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