Forecasts for the plastics extrusion industry around the world predict that the market will grow from almost $218 billion in 2021 to $295 billion by 2026. A large contributor to the massive growth of the industry is the high demand for extruded plastics in the consumer goods industry, especially the food sector. The food and beverage industry depends on extruded plastics for containers, bottles, wrappers, and many other items. Simply walk through the grocery store and everywhere you look is a plastic package of some sort. Due to the ease and low cost of manufacturing plastics, the low cost of raw materials, and the fact that the material can easily be made into any shape and size, this is not expected to change.

Other applications driving the expansion of the extruded plastics industry are construction and building materials. Around the world, countries are expanding and improving their infrastructure, increasing the need for plastic materials. In addition, plastic parts growth forecasts can be attributed to the continued demand for electronics, computers, and appliances. The increasing disposable income of the today’s consumer intensifies the need for plastic items. In the electronics sector, the most common application is the insulation and packaging of wires, switches, cables, and enclosures.

Challenges of the Plastic Extrusion Industry

The only factor that can hinder the growth of the extrusion market (and it is becoming more and more prominent) is the issue of the disposal of plastics. The risks to the environment and to people’s health seem to be the only obstacles to the consumption and production of plastic items. With this issue comes increased government regulations, which also present obstacles to market growth.

Major Geographic Contributors To Plastics Growth

Growth in the plastics industry is coming from all around the world. But where in particular and why? In Asia Pacific, which was the fastest growing region in 2020, the market is expected to continue growing due to the automotive, packaging, and construction industries caused by urbanization and economic growth. The countries projected to contribute the most are Japan, India, Thailand, and South Korea.

In Europe, the desire for fuel efficient automobiles and a large medical base in the region are factors driving the expansion of the extrusion industry. The major contributors for this area are Germany, France and the United Kingdom. In Latin America, growth due to industrialization will continue to increase construction and associated products. The major contributing countries there are Brazil and Chile. In the Middle East, upgrades to infrastructure are expected to increase the plastics industry, mainly in Saudi Arabia and UAE.

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