Predictions from industry experts in the 3D printing field include growth across many industry sectors, due to more and more companies working to expand materials options that can be scaled up for higher production volumes. One example is using composites and super plastics with 3D printing instead of producing metal parts, which are much more expensive to produce. With no loss in performance.

As in 2019, companies will continue to develop new materials that were not previously available for 3D printing. A greater choice of materials will become available due to collaboration among companies offering varying expertise that can share the cost of researching and developing new materials.
This collaboration of different groups, including material manufacturers, research institutions, machine builders, government bodies, and users, working closely together is what will be needed to expand applications in the Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry.

The result of a collaborative, joint industry effort will be increased efficiency and larger-scale industrial applications. As new and old companies invest in the technology and drive innovation, 3D printing will become competitive in large volume markets.

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