Mixaco consigned one of their Speedy 50 SD Mixers to the Polymers Center. This mixer will allow PTC to mix small batches directly in sacks or drums. The product is weighed, mixed, moved and stored in the same sack or drum throughout the entire workflow significantly reducing cleaning time and costs.

Powders, granulates and liquids can be mixed. Specially developed mixing sacks are available for powder and granulates while the drums can mix volumes of up to 200 liters. With this highly flexible mixer, only one container is required for the mixing, weighing, conveying and packaging of the product. The Mixaco requires no refilling or transferring, consumes low energy and has a short tool cleaning time. It can be used for a wide variety of mixing applications due to the many combinations of tools and motors that can be added. Some of the applications it can support are powder coating, master batch, additives, foodstuffs and more.

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