In recent years, wearable technologies have enhanced people’s ability to perform certain tasks while providing greater comfort and protection for the user. These technologies include a wide range of products, from smart watches to smart clothing. Textile-based products are gaining more popularity because they are easier to wear especially in the areas of functionality, comfort and flexibility. Some of the recent academic achievements in functional polymers are:

  • Health monitoring devices
  • Wearable energy harvesters and storage devices
  • Wearable fiber, yarn, fabric or garments
  • Wearable electronics (smart watches, smart glasses)
  • Wearable interactive technology
  • Flexible sensors and actuators
  • Personal protectors
  • Comfort regulating devices

The development of wearable technology has led to an increased interest in the enhanced functionality of devices such as smart watches, smart glasses, medical devices and other wearable products. Functions such as sensing, energy harvesting, luminescence, etc., have been embedded in smart devices that can then be customized for the healthcare, safety and security, fashion, fitness and entertainment industries.

Comfortable wearable sensors are poised to see increasing use in lifestyle products. Wearable sensors have been used for monitoring elderly patients as well as patients with chronic diseases by measuring the users heart rate, body temperature and other vitals, remotely. These devices can be deployed in daily life to assist doctors and nurses with monitoring patients at home or to prevent diseases. They can also be used to study the health status of babies. Wearable sensors with real-time monitoring and diagnostic systems could become a key factor in the transformation of the healthcare industry.

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