Rodents will gnaw on just about anything. When it’s electric lines they are chewing on, that can lead to big problems. Damaged wiring results in failed mechanical and electrical systems, in addition to dead critters. Aversion Technologies (ATI) has developed a rodent repellent product that eliminates this problem when added to the insulation of electrical wires.

The collaboration between ATI and the Polymers Technology Center (PTC) came about when a customer of Aversion Technologies requested a formulation that ATI could not produce. Aversion turned to PTC. After several trials, the Technology Center and ATI developed a product that was exactly what the customer needed.

As the need for new and challenging compounds and processes arise, PTC and Aversion Technologies will continue to work together. According to Peter Tutini, President of ATI, “As new custom requirements are needed, using special materials or requiring special handling, we turn to PTC to find a solution. PTC has been an indispensable partner.”

The Polymers Technology Center is located at 8900 Research Drive, Charlotte, NC 28262. To contact us, call (704) 602-4106 or Email us. We look forward to hearing from you.