The Polymers Technology Center (PTC) is a subsidiary of the Polymers Center. PTC performs the manufacturing piece once the development work has been completed. Another entity owned by The Polymers Center is the Polymers Foundation. The foundation was established to make possible the activities needed to fulfill the objectives of The Polymers Center, to advance research and education as they relate to polymer science. The foundation supports companies, organizations, and individuals.

On June 28th, 1998, the Polymers Foundation, Inc. was officially incorporated in the state of North Carolina as a 501 (c) (3) entity. The purpose of the foundation is to advance charitable efforts, scientific understanding, and educational objectives as they relate to polymers. Since its inception, the Polymers Foundation has accepted thousands of dollars in gifts and donations and disbursed all of those funds in pursuit of its mission.

The foundation serves as the conduit for donations that support the operations of The Polymers Center. Extruders, injection molding machines, testing equipment, all have found their way to the center through the foundation. An Endowment, The Joseph Y. Bennett Endowment, was also founded to support charitable and educational activities related to The Polymers Center.

The team at the Polymers Foundation acknowledge the generosity of its contributors. They are continually seeking like-minded partners to join them in programs that support their mission. As an organization, they seek to emulate the willingness to build relationships and improve connections that is shown by their donor groups. To discuss a donation, please contact Phil Shoemaker,, 704-602-4100.