Tritan, launched in 2007, is the first BPA-free plastic that is 100% recyclable. The thermosetting polymer was named Tritan due to its strength. Titan’s strength is roughly one-third of the tensile strength of steel. Researchers stumbled upon the polymer by accident, while working with polymer reaction, it was further developed due to its desirable durability. Tritan is impact and heat-resistant, freezer safe, and lighter than glass. It is also leach proof, safe for use in dishwashers, and resistant to odors, tastes and stains. Products made from Tritan can be used without the fear of them shattering, melting or breaking.

Products like water bottles, baby bottles, blenders, medical products and car parts are all made with Tritan. This class of material could also be a potential game changer by extending the life of aircraft components and semiconductors, reducing waste and the waste of resources, leading to significant cost savings.

Hydro, a second form of Tritan discovered by researchers, is a gel like substance with self-healing properties, and forms at lower temperatures. This form of recyclable thermosets can be used as an adhesive or as a self-healing paint.

Tritan is a crystal clear polymer that boasts safety, durability, resistance, and clarity. It outlasts glass, plastics and just about every other material. The Polymers Technology Center works with plastic companies to develop processes for manufacturing of polymers. Companies come to us for their custom plastic compounding needs. We specialize in process development on both lab and pilot scale. Contact us today to learn more.