Assisting Customers With Masterbatch Processing

A masterbatch is a concentrated blend of pigments, additives, and/or fillers that are added to a base polymer to achieve desired properties in the appearance and performance of the final plastic material. Masterbatches, which are generally premixed compositions, are added in small amounts to a large volume of polymer material.  Masterbatches can include additives such as processing aids, fire retardants, antistats, light stabilizers, fillers, colorants, and more.

The Polymers Technology Center houses three compounders that can assist customers with masterbatch processing. The machines are fed the masterbatch and the host polymer that is then mixed in the extruder to transform it into a material that is useable for specific purposes. The equipment at the Polymers Technology Center is excellent for masterbatch processing due to their exceptional mixing properties and product handling capabilities.

Processing challenges, such as determining the best method for introducing the masterbatch, dealing with various types of vehicles from pellets to powders to liquids, assuring accurate dosing, and achieving uniform dispersion and a homogenous product, require the know-how of skilled technicians. Our production staff is experienced in incorporating these critical fillers and additives efficiently into the resin carrier, even fillers that are challenging to disperse.

Custom Compounding
Shear Sensitive Blending

Low Shear and High Shear Blending

In cases where reduced particle sizes lead to altered properties, low shear blending is needed. This is relevant for blending delicate or shear sensitive materials such as many polymers. The Technology Center can accommodate low shear products without degradation.

In some cases, particle size reduction is desired or acceptable when faster processing is needed. The Technology Center can also provide high shear mixing.


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