Expertise And Advanced Equipment For Polymer Extrusion 

Extrusion is the process for converting a polymeric material into a desired shape of a fixed cross-sectional profile. The polymer is pushed through a die of the desired cross-section to create objects that range from simple to complex shapes.

The Polymers Technology Center offers extrusion capabilities to our customers on any of our three screw extruders. Dies are mounted on the extruder, the material is heated and melted, then forced through the die to create the desired shape. The material then hardens when it cools.

Combining our staff’s expertise and advanced equipment at the Polymers Technology Center allow us to efficiently extrude polymer materials to create a wide variety of high-quality products.

Polymer Extrusion
Plastic Extruder

Product Development Trials

The creation of new products and formulations is critical to the success of companies in the plastics industry. The Polymers Technology Center assists companies in the development of new products and specialty compounds, research new resin and additive combinations, and the optimization of processes. For trials, we use laboratory scale equipment. This provides the user the flexibility to work with small amounts of material. The process can then be scaled up to larger production.

Reactive Extrusion

Our equipment is capable of combining chemical reactions that are traditionally handled separately with extrusion, in a single process. Our extruders provide excellent mixing capabilities and product handling, making the process significantly more efficient. Polymers Technology Center experience with reactive extrusion processes including chain extension, grafting and viscosity breaking.

Reactive Extrusion


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