We Offer Polymer Compounding Using Twin Screw Extruders

At the Polymers Technology Center, we offer compounding services to our customers using our twin-screw compounders. Companies needing assistance with processing polymers and additives together to produce a compound with targeted properties benefit from the process know-how the Technology Center can provide.

Our technicians use their knowledge of the compounding process to modify the machine in order to optimally meet the requirements of our customers. Our equipment has excellent mixing and product handling capabilities resulting in improved product quality and increased performance.

From producing trial samples with our versatile lab scale 21mm twin screw extruder to full scale production with our 27mm and 50mm Leistritz Maxx machines, we help companies with their unique production demands. When your company needs increased manufacturing capability without incurring additional overhead, the Polymers Technology Center can provide what you need, when you need it. Customers are invited to come and participate in the formulation and compounding of their materials.

Polymer Compounding
Compounding Extruder

Custom Compounding

The Polymers Technology Center can provide your company with consistent, high quality compounds in small or large volumes, as well as masterbatches. We can process your exact formulation or work with custom compounds.

Product Development Trials

The creation of new products and formulations is critical to the success of companies in the plastics industry. The Polymers Technology Center assists companies in the development of new products and specialty compounds, research new resin and additive combinations, and the optimization of processes. For trials, we use laboratory scale equipment. This provides the user the flexibility to work with small amounts of material. The process can then be scaled up to larger production.

Plastic Extruder
Extruder Screw

Extruder Screw Design

Extruders are remarkable machines that can disperse and distribute materials into a polymer matrix, but each process can be optimized by the screw design. The Technology Center is staffed by engineers and technicians who work closely with our customers to develop the best screw design for each product and process. Our experts know how to configure the many screw elements the Technology Center inventories. When developing or optimizing a process, the more screw element options are available, the more flexibility we have. This allows us to handle a broader range of materials and processes.


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