The Polymers Technology Center maintains three innovative compounding lines for research, as well as full-scale production needs. All three of our lines feature a Leistritz Maxx machine.

We are fortunate to have Leistritz equipment because of the many benefits they provide. Below are some of the benefits our customers can get when working with us and our compounding lines.


The Leistritz Maxx machines provide the optimal combination of high torque and large volume – all in one machine. In the past, a user could only get one – either high volume or high-torque. Now with the Leistritz machine, both are possible in the same machine.

This offers companies a high degree of options. Leistritz provides increased productivity, increased flexibility and higher throughput. Higher throughput is due to:

  • High free volume in the screw
  • Very high total torque due to shaft connection
  • High specific torque
  • Increased cooling due to optimized flow of coolant

Powerful Drive Provides High Torque

The gearbox of a twin screw extruder must be powerful enough to transmit very high torque while counteracting high backward force. This is made even more difficult due to the close axial distance of the extruder screws. That’s why Leistritz extruders incorporate an extremely powerful drive system.

More splines for better torque transmission

When transmitting extremely high torques, the traditional spline profile has limitations. Leistritz has re-engineered the spline profile in order to improve their co-rotating twin screw extruders. Since power only has to be transmitted in one direction, the innovative spline profile is altered to be asymmetrical. The asymmetrical spline profile, an arrangement of several splines with the same root width, allows for very high torque.

More cooling capacity for a larger process window

Leistritz twin screw extruders provide increased throughput of up to 50% compared to previous machines. With this increase comes an increase in the need for cooling. To accomplish this, Leistritz has added double the inlets and outlets to each barrel to allow more coolant to flow through. In addition, the processing unit includes integrated cooling pipes.

Increased Volume, More Throughput

Processes such as adding additives and fillers, and dryblends are generally volume-restricted. At the Polymers Technology Center, with our Leistritz machines, we can take advantage of the increased volume capabilities. With an OD/ID of 1.66, Leistritz has optimized the ratio between high volume and effective energy input into the product.

Leistritz offers many benefits for polymers processing. To learn more about our equipment, click here. The Polymers Technology Center is located at 8900 Research Drive, Charlotte, NC 28262. To contact us, call (704) 602-4106 or Email us. We look forward to hearing from you.