In our state-of-the-art compounding facility, the Polymers Technology Center have the essential equipment for most research, product development and production needs. The Polymers Technology Center maintains three compounding lines that consist of the following extruders:

  • Leistritz ZSE Maxx 50mm, 40:1
  • Leistritz ZSE Maxx 50mm, 44:1
  • Leistritz Maxx 27mm, 40:1

We also have:

  • Gravimetric feeders, including side feeding
  • Underwater and strand pelletizers
  • Dehumidifying dryers

If something else is needed for research or a trial, the engineers at the Polymers Center are very creative in finding the right piece of equipment or an alternative. This is evident from some of our other blog posts that show creative solutions to customer problems.