The masterbatch is an indispensable part of the plastics industry. Additives and colorants in masterbatches are what give basic plastic the required performance capabilities and appearance. But what are the most commonly used additive masterbatches?

Lubricating Additives
Lubricating additives are added to plastic parts to create a layer between the part and its counter face. This reduces friction between the two surfaces, minimizing wear, noise, and vibration.

When more flexible plastic is required, plasticizer additives are used. This is important for many reasons, including making it easier for the plastic compound to fill the mold and to melt when heat is applied.

Stabilizer additives, including thermal and ultraviolet stabilizers increase the stability of the plastic product during production. These additives are used to prevent damage to the plastic as the part is being produced.

Anti-Aging Additives
Anti-aging additives are created for the purpose of extending the life of the plastic materials resulting in the lengthening of the part’s usage time. This is a result of the widening of the temperature range of the plastic used in the parts.

Anti-Static Additives
Anti-static additives are used by plastics manufacturers to reduce the charge between the masterbatch membrane surface and other surfaces to ensure a safe production process. These additives also minimize the problems associated with static electricity during transport, display and usage of the product.

Fire Retardant Additives
Fire retardants create a protective layer on the surface of the plastic part that prevents the oxygen on the part from making contact with fire or heat.

Foaming Additives
These additives increase the porosity of the plastic to reduce the volume of the material while maintaining product structure and durability. Final products exhibit increased heat and sound insulation, and minimized shrinkage of plastics.

Additives that deodorize plastics are used to eliminate the negative chemical smells generated by recycled plastics and some primary plastics. Without these deodorizing additives, the general public would not be as prone to use recycled products.

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